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Select an exhibition location on the venue plan below for more information.  Packages start from 3000€ + vat.  Contact us for an offer.  Limited low-cost startup spaces are available for selected companies.

A1 - Equinix

Bronze Sponsor - Equinix


Diamond Sponsor - ABB

D2 Siemens

Siemens - Patron Sponsor

D4 Workshop Area

Workshop Area.

Uptime Institute workshop - details to be confirmed

C1 - Schneider Electric

Diamond Sponsor - Schneider Electric

C2 Rittal

Silver Sponsor - Rittal

C3 Recair & STULTZ

Diamond Sponsor - Recair & STULTZ

C4 Artome Meet n' Speak lounge

Artome Meet n' Speak lounge

B2 Business Oulu

Exhibitor - Business Oulu

B3 Eaton

Bronze Sponsor - Eaton

B4 Granlund

Bronze Sponsor - Granlund

B5 Finnish Data Center Forum

Silver Sponsor - Finnish Data Center Forum

B7 Nordic Data Center Hub

Exhibitor - Nordic Data Center Hub

Invest in Finland

Data Centers by Sweden

Invest in Norway

Invest in Denmark

A2 Koja Ltd

Bronze Sponsor - Koja Ltd

A3 Kainuu Datacenter Ecosystem

Regional Exhibitor - Kainuu Datacenter Ecosystem


18 square metres - 3x6

A5 Ficolo

Diamond Sponsor - Ficolo





H3 DCI Solutions

Exhibitor - DCI Services

H4 CTS Engtec Oy

Exhibitor - CTS Engtec Oy

H5 Orbis Oy

Exhibitor - Orbis Oy

H6 3rd Eye Studios

Exhibitor - 3rd Eye Studios

H7 Fiber Highway Finland Oy

Exhibitor - Fiber Highway Finland Oy

H8 Uptime Institute

Exhibitor - Uptime Institute

H9 CLOUD & HEAT Technologies

Exhibitor - Envirotech (branded as CLOUD & HEAT Technologies)

E1 Promobox

Startup - Promobox

E2 Moodmetric

Startup - Moodmetric

E3 Polku Innovations

Startup - Polku Innovations

E4 Scandify

Startup - Scandify

E5 Taganize

Startup - Taganize

E6 AlphaBlues

Startup - AlphaBlues

E7 Salesframe

Startup - Salesframe

E8 Bluugo

Startup - Bluugo


Startup space - 3 square metres - 1.5x2

E10 UnSeen Technologies

Startup - UnSeen Technologies

E11 Eficode

Startup - Eficode

E12 Quuppa

Startup - Quuppa


Startup space - 3 square metres - 1.5x2


Startup space - 3 square metres - 1.5x2


Startup space - 3 square metres - 1.5x2


Startup space - 3 square metres - 1.5x2


Startup space - 3 square metres - 1.5x2


Startup space - 3 square metres - 1.5x2

B1 - Lounge

Meet a new potential business associate, grab a coffee and a take a seat.  Our lounge spaces are available for everyone to use throughout the day.

B6 - FDCF Lounge

Meeting lounge hosted by the Finnish Data Center Forum

A6 - Networking Lounge

We are excited to be using Brella, the industry-leading networking tool, for the first time in 2017.  All registered NDBS delegates will receive an invitation to use the system to find interesting new business contacts in the 2 weeks before the event, and during event too.  Using the system you will be able to set up short meetings at the numbered tables provided in our dedicated networking lounge.  Simply come to the lounge at the appointed time, find your table number and have a quick introductory meeting.  Our staff will be on hand to help with any issues you may have.



18 square metres - 3x6


18 square metres - 3x6


18 square metres - 3x6

H10 Espeo Software

Exhibitor - Espeo Software

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When ordering taxis, please note which door you are arriving to or leaving from. The main South entrance door is recommended. You can order taxis from these numbers: 0100 0700 and 0200 6060.