Ficolo leads the way with “Wholo”

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Ficolo leads the way with “Wholo”

In today’s highly competitive colocation market there is a constant need to keep one step ahead of the competition. Every once in a while, a new approach to an existing topic, or a market development,image1 grabs everyone’s attention and it becomes the subject of hot debate. While some may view this adaptation as natural evolution, or an idea that already has a presence in the marketplace, others may regard it as an important entity that deserves recognition in its own right – and this is most certainly the case when it comes to the emergence of Wholo Colocation. Sitting between Retail Colocation and Wholesale Colocation, which generally operate either side of the 100kw power requirement and provide varying degrees of security, control and autonomy, Wholo satisfies the growing demand for data centre power capacity which typically resides in the 200kw to 600kw range, but which can extend to 1000kw. However, it could be argued that, any colocation provider who is considerate of their customer’s requirements would have already adopted a support model that takes into account the need for business latitude without having to resort to a whole new specification.

This is an argument that Ulvila based colocation provider and market leader, Ficolo Oy, recognises and appreciates only too well. It is their opinion that “there is undoubtedly capacity demand in-between the two models.”image2 Founded five years ago in an 8,500 square metre, underground bedrock facility that was originally built for the Finnish military, Ficolo was the first company in Finland to focus entirely on providing cost effective, adaptable and highly customer-centric colocation services. From the outset, their aim has been to provide each customer with a flexible Retail / Wholesale operating model in which, as their Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Sanna Mäkinen, points out “Irrespective of the colocation model being used, it is up to the customer to decide the level of cooperation required. They can either self-manage their equipment or leave this task to our knowledgeable staff.”

When it comes to the introduction of Wholo within the industry, Sanna goes on to say “Although Wholo may be new to Finland as a term, in practice we have already gained significant experience in satisfying our customers’ needs with a Wholo style, turnkey solution. We provide all the services you need from racks to suites, service platforms to connectivity and data security.”

However, although Ficolo’s existing colocation solution was highly adaptable in nature, they have launched an adaptable Wholo Colocation package. Based around 500kw modules containing between 40 and 60 racks, the package, which complements image3Ficolo’s lower capacity Retail and tailored Wholesale megawatt solutions containing hundreds of racks, benefits from responsive delivery times, cost-effective pricing and power and cooling redundancy options, such as A+B power feeds to increase server uptime, N+1 or 2N UPS provision, N+1 diesel generators and N+1 cooling (indirect free cooling, hot-aisle containments). If effect Ficolo can supply their customers with everything and anything that they would require from a colocation oriented data centre.

All of the installation’s redundancy options are adjustable and scalable to meet individual customer needs and, in addition to excellent security provision and high-speed data communications availability, customers also benefit from the distinct advantages that Ficolo’s operational environment has over the vast majority of their compeers. Exceptionally, Ficolo’s underground location maintains a natural, all year round, low ambient temperature which reduces the amount of energy required for cooling. All of Ficolo’s energy is sourced from Pori Energia’s Meri-Pori wind farm which, therefore, removes all greenhouse gas emissions from the energy equation. Consequently, when these two environmental factors are coupled together, they produce a highly energy efficient and environmental friendly collocation service.

Ficolo Oy will be exhibiting at the Nordic Digital Business Summit, which takes place at the Kaapelitehdas in Helsinki on September 22nd 2016, and representatives will be on hand to discuss your requirements.

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