This event was the trigger to meet Nordic decision makers and kick-off real projects

– Jörgen VENOT, Senior Vice President Etix Everywhere


I got to talk with more people, representing a broader range of technical interests related to IoT than I have at any other meeting like it.

– Alonso Vera, NASA Ames Research Center

The NDBS team put together an excellently organized and thought-provoking event. Topics were perfectly in tune to stimulate conversation around the most important evolution of our lifetime.

– Jamie Davies, Deputy Editor,

What was most striking about the NDBS conference was the scope and quality of speakers. We have heard how people use IoT at NASA all the way to people who inject IoT devices into their own bodies (even on stage!). Regardless if you are seasoned or new to IoT, there will be something for you at NDBS.

– Bob van Luijt, Kubrickology